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The fastest and most efficient way to conduct impactful user interviews

Stop me if you've heard this one before:

1. You come up with a groundbreaking idea for an app

2. You excitedly rush to tell your friends about your brilliant idea. Every single one of them tells you they love the idea.
3. Armed with all sorts of compliments, you get back to the office and tell your colleagues the great news.
4. You and your teammates spend the next weeks building something you're certain will change the world.
5. You launch your app only to find out no one is using it, even after they told you they loved the idea!

So what happened?

Who is it for?
Anyone interested in building a digital product or responsible for one. Knowing how to talk to your users and future customers is a must have skill.

The User Interview Framework contains years of synthesized personal experience as a Product Manager and Entrepreneur as well as the best concepts from books such as The Mom Test, Talking To Strangers and Talking to Humans.

This product was designed to get you up to speed, conducting powerful user interviews in record time. I've seen it being used very successfully as employee onboarding tool as well as a primer. It's light, no fluff.

Besides teaching you how to interview more effectively, this framework also contains:
+ Hypothesis Sheet (with example) that should be filled out before every sprint. The contents are permanently iterated on as you gain a more profound understand of what to build and who to build it for
+ Good Questions X Bad Questions. A cheat sheet with the best questions (and the worst ones) for gathering customer insight.
+ User Interview Framework (with example). A visual aide that you can take to user interviews that will help you process and synthesize your findings.

I am 100% certain that this framework will change the way you conduct user interviews for good. If for any reason you are not satisfied in the first 30 days you can reach out to me anytime and request a refund.

  • Guide, cheat sheet and printable templates of user interview frameworks

  • Guide, cheat sheet and printable templates of user interview frameworks
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